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  • The Responses

    The Question Session One: March 6 Caroline Lundquist (who also provided a handout) Kimberly Parzuchowski Questions and Answers Session Two: March 13 Matt Shinkai Kane Rabbi Ruhi Rubenstein (pre-recorded due to Sabbath) Questions and Answers Session Three: March 20 Libby Cox Rev Jonathan Morgan Session Four: March 27 Michael Maretich

  • Presenters

    Libby CoxDirector, Two Birds Yoga Training [expand title=”About Libby …”]L​ibby Cox is an E-RYT 500, a mother of twin boys, an educator and a dedicated student of the body. With degrees in art, dance and education, a 20-year yoga practice, and a penchant for storytelling, Libby’s teaching approach is passionate, compassionate, and witty.  Teaching yoga…

  • Schedule

    Location: Lamb Cottage, 130 Cheshire Ave, Eugene, OR 97401 —— Weekly Timeline —— 6:00 Doors open 6:20 Introduction 6:30 First speaker 6:50 Q&A 7:00 Second speaker 7:20 Q&A 7:30 Clean up 8:00 Doors close ———- Friday, March 6 ———- Caroline Lundquist (6:30-7:00) Kimberly Parzuchowski (7:00-7:30) ———- Friday, March 13 ———- Matt Shinkai Kane (6:30-7:00)Rabbi Ruhi…

  • Why Be Kind?

    Most religious traditions and many secular traditions encourage us to be kind to one another. Despite this encouragement, we are sometimes unkind to one another: perhaps we lack the rationale, conviction, or the faith to be kind. Therefore, this lecture series explores the ethical common ground between numerous traditions, and the numerous reasons for kindness.…